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Theodora Group is perhaps not a family business but the family definitely played a part in its creation. Dora Atadzhanova is the Director of Theodora Group. As a child she often spent time in her father's small shop floor and watched the process of peeling nuts, washing and drying  fruits, as well as the process of packaging. 

After working abroad in the same industry, she decided to return home and start a business in the country of gardens, fields and farms.

Theodora Group team follows and preserves the traditions of Central Asia.

Our team welcomes our customers with open arms who often like to come visit us. But the team also has one important rule – to provide answers and service as quickly as possible. We appreciate the time of our customers.

We love our work and get great pleasure from it!

We will always be happy to invite you to work together.

Please send us a request - and we will do the rest!


Uzbekistan is known as the birthplace of the most most hard-working farmers who pass their skills from generation to generation. Today, the best of them work at Theodora Group and carefully grow, harvest and pack fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts. The unique natural and climatic conditions of Uzbekistan give our fruits a wonderful taste and aroma.

To partners

Thanks to the constant inspection of our farmers and lands for compliance with quality standards we harvest and export products of guaranteed high quality which are always available in any quantities at competitive prices. Main partners of Theodora Group are partners from Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and China. Guaranteed product quality, flawless provision of services and individual approach allow the company to build effective, long-term partnerships with every customer.


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+998 90 4224424
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