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The main secret of the taste of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts from Uzbekistan is the remarkable fertile lands and the hot southern sun. Together they allow the fruit to ripen quickly, to acquire a unique taste and aroma, to be filled with the benefits given by nature itself.
Best prices and flexible pricing policy
For centuries, Uzbekistan has been known as the birthplace of the most hard-working and skillful farmers. Working with farmers, Theodora Group can offer its customers high-quality organic products, cooperation on programs for the supply of products on a regular basis, discounts and the best prices.
Superior quality and freshness
Our products are supplied by farmers from the fields, manufacturers and long-term storage warehouses (modern industrial cold-storage plants). Fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts are in optimal temperature conditions during storage, packaging and transportation. Transportation of all products is carried out on EUR-pallets, has a zip tie with ribbons with corner elements in the refrigerators of a new generation with thermal recorders, with strict control of transportation. The products are delivered to the customer's destination within 7-10 days. We have all the necessary certificates for our products and a full set of documents required for sales.
Reliable business partnership
The company is ready for business cooperation and offers a mutually beneficial business partnership. We always take appropriate measures so that all our partnerships are reliable and long-term.

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